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    Champaign IL, the home of the University of  Illinois.  

    About Us

    Particles with small dimensions between 1 to 100 nanometers have generated great scientific and commercial interest due to their small sizes and unusual properties. For particle sizes below approximately 10 nm, the following properties are observed:
       •   A decrease in the material’s melting point
       •   A change in the wavelengths of the light absorbed and/or emitted by the particle 

    A new disruptive technology is emerging in the form of printable electronics using metallic nanoinks.  This ability to use inks and conventional printing techniques will have a revolutionary impact on human life by printing circuits on flexible substrates and making every print unique by using digital printing techniques.  It can also be used to print transistors, displays, interconnects, sensors, touch-screens and many other printed products.


    UT Dots manufactures metal nanoparticles, including nanosilver, nanogold and nanoplatinum, and formulate conductive and dielectric inks for printed electronics. Our nanoparticles are used for research and development and find applications in various areas, including printed electronics, antibacterial, and sensors. 

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